John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler Odds

The next fight of boxing WBO world bantamweight champion John Riel Casimero (Philippines) will be on December 11, 2021.

On this day, Casimero will face a nomination match with Paul Butler (UK), who is ranked 1st in the same class. WBC bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire will also be nominated at another venue on the day.

n any case, the winner on December 11th will have a unified battle with Naoya Inoue in early 2022. In that sense, many boxing fans may be paying attention to this match as well as the upcoming Naoya Inoue nomination match.

Here, we will introduce the game forecast of "John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler", the odds of each bookmaker, and the betting method.

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Match data

John Riel Casimero Paul Butler
Match schedule December 11, 2021

How can I bet on a boxing match?

You can predict the outcome of boxing and bet on how to win on the bookmaker's website.

Membership registration (free) is required at each site to use it.

Simple operation and abundant boxing odds. A bookmaker with a UI that makes it easy to bet.

how do boxing betting odds work

Boxing betting odds are simple and few compared to other competitions.

Below are the odds for boxing betting that every bookmaker has.

Types of odds Betting content
To Win Fight  / Match forecast / Money line Predict the winner of the match. 2 choices.
1x2 Predict the winner or draw of the match. 3 choices.
Fight Outcome Set prediction of "winner" and "winning content".
Round Betting Expected set of "winner" and "final round".
Total Rounds Predict the number of final rounds by selecting "Over" or "Under".
Fight to Go the Distance Predict whether there will be a final round (12R) with "YES" and "NO".

The types and numbers of odds differ depending on the bookmaker, and some odds can only be bet on a specific bookmaker, but if you remember the odds listed above, any bookmaker can handle it for the time being.

【Match odds】John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler

The odds for each bookmaker in "John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler".

1x2 (one-by-two) winning odds including draws are posted.

Bookmaker Casimero draw Butler
williamhill 1.05 26.00 9.00 - - -
QueenCasino - - -
casitabi sports 1.04 26.0 10.0
cherrysports 1.03 - 10.00
BONS 1.04 26.0 10.00
STAKE 1.02 - 8.00
konibet - - -
BETchannel - - - - - -

What to do before betting

To bet on a match with a bookmaker, first deposit the balance into the bookmaker's account from the payment service affiliated with each bookmaker, and determine the bet amount from the balance.

You can deposit balances to bookmakers mainly from Mastercard (credit card / debit card), Ecopaise, Match Better, etc., but you cannot withdraw dividends even if you can deposit credit cards and debit cards.

For this reason, we recommend that you first prepare an account for ecoPayz or MatchBetter that supports both deposits and withdrawals.

公式Much Better

Action flow from betting to withdrawal at bookmaker
  • 【procedure1】
    Bookmaker account opening

    To participate in match betting, you must be logged in after opening a bookmaker account.

    First, let's create a bookmaker account.

  • 【procedure2】
    Opening an account for deposit and withdrawal means

    Next, we will open an Ecopaise or Match Better account that can be used to deposit money into the bookmaker and withdraw dividends for betting.

    After opening an ecoPayz or MatchBetter account, make a deposit by credit card or bank transfer to increase your account balance.

    ※For both ecoPayz and MatchBetter, you need to submit identity verification documents to deposit and withdraw money to your account.

    To verify your identity, you will need to submit a utility bill that confirms your address and a screenshot file of your ID.

    It will take some time to verify your identity, so opening an account on the day of the match will not be in time for your bet.

    Let's complete the personal authentication procedure as soon as possible.

  • 【procedure3】
    Deposit to bookmaker

    Next, use ecoPayz or MatchBetter to deposit money into your bookmaker's account balance.
  • 【procedure4】
    Bet on the match

    At this point, you're ready to bet on the match.

    To bet the way you want, it's a good idea to understand how to look up a match and what each odds means.

  • 【procedure5】
    Withdrawal of winning money

    If the forecast is correct, the odds-based dividend will be added to your balance.

    Withdrawals are subject to conditions according to the terms and conditions of each bookmaker, but there are no particularly difficult conditions.

    Apply from the withdrawal page of the bookmaker and specify the account number of ecoPayz and MatchBetter to withdraw.

    Both ecoPayz and MatchBetter support dollars and euros.

    Once you have deposited your ecoPayz or MatchBetter account, apply for withdrawal to your bank account.

【Prediction of victory or defeat】John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler

Public reaction and reputation

This is the public reaction to the match or contestants of "John Riel Casimero VS. Paul Butler".

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  1. hj says:

    Casimero seems to be only backward compatible with Davis

  2. bbgs says:

    I want to see Inoue vs Kashimero soon. It may be a bad thing, but trash talk? It’s delicious. It’s great that Inoue grins.

  3. dan jyoe says:

    In the heyday of Donaire, Rigonde took more time than Donaire.
    Casimero has no luck to win.