Sergio Pettis VS. Kyoji Horiguchi Bookmaker odds

At "Bellator MMA 272" (Connecticut, USA: Mohegan Sun Arena) to be held on December 3, 2021, the Bellator world bantamweight title match "Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Petis" will be played.

Kyoji Horiguchi has a career of 32 games, 29 wins and 3 losses after joining the pro, and Sergio Pettis has a record of 26 games, 21 wins and 5 losses.

Kyoji Horiguchi has a slight advantage in terms of battle record, but the uneasy point is that he has only played one game after returning from knee surgery.

Sergio Pettis, on the other hand, has many games that are decided whether they win or lose. In the last 5 years, 10 out of 11 games have been judged.

It's hard to imagine taking or defeating one from Kyoji Horiguchi, who has only lost three in his 11-year career. Will Kyoji Horiguchi be able to regain the belt that was once returned?

In this article, we will mainly introduce the game forecast of "Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Pettis", the odds published by each bookmaker, and how to bet.

[Match odds] Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Pettis

The odds of each bookmaker of "Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Pettis".

We will post 1x2 (one-by-two) winning odds including the draw.

BookMaker Horiguchi judgement Pettis
BETchannel 2.68 horiguchi:2.80/pettis:6.80 4.68 1.57 - 2.37
CasitabiSports 1.55 - 2.35
CherrySports 1.55 - 2.40
BONS 1.55 - 2.35
STAKE 1.53 - 2.34
Konibet 1.57 - 2.44 1.49 - 2.45
WAZAMBA 1.57 - 2.40
KAKEYO 1.55 - 2.30
WilliamHill - - -
QueenCasino 1.57 - 2.37

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公式Much Better

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    Bet on the match

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  • 【procedure5】
    Withdrawal of winning money

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[Win / Loss Prediction] Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Pettis

Match prediction questionnaire of "Kyoji Horiguchi VS. Sergio Pettis".

Below are the game forecasts I received.

Kyoji Horiguchi's decision wins

Kyoji Horiguchi's decision wins in terms of victory and defeat predictions, and Kyoji Horiguchi's personal hope also wins.

Sergio Pettis is an image of a player with a strong batting, and the counter is particularly good. On the other hand, Horiguchi is also a batting player, so there is no doubt that it will be a batting battle.

Horiguchi attacks from a distance with the unique steps of classical karate, so I think it would be difficult for Sergio to respond.

I expect both to want to take the initiative with a calf kick.

Kyoji Horiguchi's victory

Pettis is a type of fighter who has excellent defense and counters and is sure to score points.

However, I think Horiguchi is more advantageous in that respect because he is a player who does not get much KO.

In addition, Horiguchi used a calf kick in the previous battle against Asakura to win a complete victory, so I think this match will be decided by Horiguchi's victory.

The speed and depth of the dive is also unusual, so I don't think Pettis can keep up with this speed and can't even put in a counter.


  1. htd says:

    It can’t be helped to predict with Kyoji before doing the knee cruciate ligament
    The point is whether you can win without putting the center of gravity on your right knee

  2. vyhy says:

    Pettis black belt, but both of them also have Anma TD Ikanshi grappling
    On that premise, if there is a gap without assembling, it will go to the extreme.
    Kiyoji wants to assemble, coca, harden and pound if he looks too ugly
    Pettis may not let it do it, but there are some developments