Mayweather Jr vs. Mikuru Asakura odds and bets

The exhibition match card "Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Mikuru Asakura", which has been underway for about two years, will be held at "Super RIZIN" on Sunday, September 25, 2022.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been actively working on business in Japan since the 2018 VS Tenshin match. A card that was supposed to be done. The event was hit by the corona disaster and was set back, but it will come true this year after some time.

Here, we will introduce the expected odds and bets for each bookmaker's "Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Mikuru Asakura".

match data

Tournament nameSuper RIZIN
event dateSunday, September 25, 2022
venueSaitama Super Arena(Japan)

floyd mayweather jr

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the first undefeated American boxer to win five weight division titles.

His record is 50 fights and 50 wins. It features a boxing style that makes full use of his speed and reaction speed to make fun of his opponent. The latter part of his career became more defensively focused to accommodate his weight class.

Even after retiring as a professional boxer, he continues to liven up the world with exhibition matches with Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor.

In Japan, he received an exhibition with kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa at "RIZIN.14" on New Year's Eve in 2018, further increasing his domestic popularity.

Mikuru Asakura

An MMA fighter from Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. Before September 2022, his professional record was 16 wins and 3 losses in 20 fights.

Former THE OUTSIDER 2-division (60-65kg class, 65-70kg class) champion. He is currently a RIZIN Featherweight.

Locally, he was an unbeatable brawler and was once called a "legend on the street." He gained popularity as an outlaw-born martial artist, and is now a driving force behind the excitement of the Japanese martial arts world, such as Tenshin Nasukawa and Kyoji Horiguchi. became one of

With the victory against Luis Gustavo, he opened a YOUTUBE channel. He has also made a name for himself as a YouTuber.

In addition, he has the face of a tipster with a very high hit rate. His winning and losing predictions are very accurate, so there are probably many players who have made a profit by betting on them.

Attention will be paid to whether he can catch Mayweather's habits with his high analytical ability.

Bookmaker to bet on Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura

Only some bookmakers have released the odds of winning or losing "Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura".

However, since "Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura" will be held at the martial arts event "RIZIN", it is expected that bookmakers that usually publish odds for each RIZIN tournament will release it sequentially.

The following bookmakers publish the odds of RIZIN for each tournament, so there is a possibility that the odds of "Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura" will be released in the future.

For the latest information, please refer to the following for each bookmaker, as "whether or not odds are disclosed at this time".


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【match odds】Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Mkuru Asakura

Betting methods and odds are different for each bookmaker.The odds on this page are based on betting channels with a wide variety of bet types.
betting methododds
【Mayweather takes down】1.43
【Mayweather never gets downed】2.67

"Mayweather vs. Mikuru Asakura" odds betting points

100% Mayweather won't get an exhibition match other than boxing, and it's safe to say that Mikuru Asakura will never beat Mayweather in boxing.

A simple win/loss prediction would clearly be Mayweather, and the odds wouldn't be all that great.

For this reason, the following five betting points for the game.

➀Can Mikuru Asakura punch Mayweather?
➁Will Mikuru Asakura go down?
➂ How many rounds does Mikuru Asakura have?
➃Whether the match goes to a decision
➄Mikuru Asakura will kick Mayweather

Each bookmaker (and sportsbook) will want unique odds that are different from the usual win/loss predictions.

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【Win/Loss Prediction】Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Mikuru Asakura

Match predictions for martial arts fans

"Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Mikuru Asakura" match prediction questionnaire.

Below are our predictions for the game.

Mayweather 1R KO win

I think Mayweather VS Mikuru Asakura will win by KO in 1R.

Last time, Nasukawa lost by TKO at 2 minutes and 19 seconds in the first inning, but since he will challenge with boxing rules this time as well, Asakura hit Mayweather in the face like Nasukawa. Mayweather counterattacks with hooks and straight punches, and I think Asakura will easily lose.

In the first place, should Mayweather's side last time give him about 3R? When asked, the management side made a proposal that they wanted to fight seriously.

Last time Mayweather didn't look like he was serious about fighting, but he finished in one inning, so I have a feeling that this time will be over in no time.

Overwhelmingly favorable for Mayweather

The exhibition match between Mayweather and Mikuru Asakura will be held in September, but I think the boxing rule of 3 minutes and 3 rounds will give Mayweather an overwhelming advantage.

No matter how much Mikuru Asakura is a legend on the street, MMA came to the main battlefield, and even if he is currently receiving intense boxing training from Takashi Uchiyama and others (it seems to be focused on body training), he can't compete. think.

I don't think there is a 1RTKO like Tenshin, but if I can stand up to the 3rd round and bring it to the decision, I think it's a good sign.

Victory of Mikuru Asakura

Mikuru Asakura will definitely win!

Mayweather certainly has bad boxing technique.

It all depends on how serious Mayweather is about coming into the fight. I think that the match will be finished with a hook type punch that Mikuru Asakura's boxer does not hit. Personally, I am annoyed that Mayweather is overly enthusiastic, so I definitely want him to be beaten by a future player.

The interview is too long! It's a matter of how weak a dog barks. I want future players to do their best.

90% Mayweather wins

I think Mayweather, the undefeated champion, accepted the fight knowing he would probably win.

Tenshin Nasukawa, who I fought before, lost to rags, but I don't think Mikuru Asakura is stronger than Tenshin, so I think 90% of the win will go to Mayweather.

However, since Mikuru Asakura and I have continued to win against opponents that we think we can win, I am sure that Mayweather has thoroughly studied how to win.

On the surface, He's a very studious person, even if she's furious, so you can expect to see a different Mikuru Asakura, whether she wins or loses.

Mayweather wins by decision

I think Mayweather will win by decision.

The reason is that Mayweather is better at punch accuracy, and Mayweather is better in terms of experience. Because I think it will end up.

However, Mikuru Asakura is resilient and has punching power and stamina, so I don't think Mayweather can bring down Mikuru Asakura.

This is just my personal prediction, but I think Mayweather will win by decision due to the difference in the way the match is played.

Mayweather wins by 1st round TKO

I don't think Mikuru Asakura's strengths as a mixed martial artist can be shown with boxing rules.

Also, if it's 3R, I think Mayweather can fight without worrying about stamina too much.

If Mayweather gets serious, I think he will launch a one-sided attack from 1R and Mikuru Asakura will be on the defensive.

I think Mikuru Asakura's sense of striking and defense is top-notch, but that's for a mixed martial artist, and if you fight on the platform of boxing, I don't think you're the best in the world.

However, considering his age, I think Mayweather is physically weak, so I don't think 29-year-old Mikuru Asakura is a no-brainer. After all, when the match started, Mikuru Asakura received a good punch early on, and I expected Mayweather to win with a 1st round TKO.

Mayweather win predictions

A press conference was held recently for this one race.

Asakura took an attitude of licking Mayweather and inflamed him, but I think he will actually work out countermeasures.

After all, I compare it with the exhibition with Tenshin, but I think that Mayweather will face the same stance as in that match, partly because it is an exhibition.

On the other hand, Mikuru Asakura is basically a counterattack player, but I think it will be difficult to counterattack in this match.

By creating a situation where Mayweather has no choice but to throw punches, the counter will come into play, so I think the key will be how to force Mayweather to throw punches.

I expect Mayweather to win. If Asakura escapes #R, it will be decided, but I think Mayweather will win.

Mayweather victory. no chance

Personally, I am a fan of Mikuru Asakura, but honestly, I don't think there is a chance of winning.

I can't even say that I'm evenly matched, and I didn't want you to play this game as a fan. I learned about Mayweather's fear when he was Tenshin Nasukawa. Even Tenshin-kun was a quarrel between adults and children. I don't think there are many Japanese martial artists who can compete with Mayweather.

From an amateur's point of view, I can only think that he is just inciting him to win. If you're a martial arts fan, you probably don't think anyone can win.

Mayweather by decision

I think that it is quite interesting as entertainment. Tenshin was dangerous because of the weight difference, but I don't think it will be a dangerous fight with Asakura because he is bigger than Mayweather.

However, if Asakura is asked if he can win, I think it is very likely that he will not win.

Although Mayweather has been retired for quite some time, his defensive skills are among the first and second best boxers of all time. I don't think MMA's Asakura's punch will hit.

I think Mayweather will land a fine punch and point out. Win/loss prediction is Mayweather by judgment.

3R is not settled. will be judged

What can be expected as a match development of "Mayweather VS Mikuru Asakura" is that in the early stages, Asakura will wait and see, and Mayweather will keep a distance and go around Asakura without touching.

Even as he gets older, Mayweather is able to move around quite a bit and dodge Asakura's punches easily, as he has fought various amateurs and martial artists at exhibitions.

If Asakura is wary of Mayweather's punches and cannot take a step forward, it is quite possible that the 3rd round will end.

If Asakura shows his masculinity and actively tries to defeat Mayweather, I think it will be an interesting match, but I think it would be impossible for either of them to be defeated in the round.

Mikuru Asakura wins 2RKO

The first condition is that I will never get on Mayweather's provocations or teasing until before the match. I think I've heard a lot of things from Tenshin, and judging from the reaction of future players at the press conference, it seems to be fine. It's impossible to break his mentality.

Previously, I saw a video on Mikuru Asakura's channel of going to various boxing gyms and hitting the mitts, but the punch power was certified.

I think the chances of winning are pretty high if you hit your opponent with a punch.

I think Mayweather will definitely come in from the defense, so if he can attack there, the future player will win with a 2RKO. I want you to win! !

Mayweather wins by 2R KO

I expect Mayweather to win by KO in 2R.

In 1R, we both wait and see, and I feel that we should both avoid a too-quick conclusion considering the elements of entertainment.

Asakura has a larger physique and weight than Mayweather, especially since he has bulked up recently, and his contract weight is 70kg, which is an advantage.

However, even though he is good at hitting and strong, it will be difficult to beat Mayweather.

Even if I am 45 years old and retired, I don't think I will receive a knocking punch from an MMA fighter, even if it is a boxer in the same weight class.

Mayweather win or draw is certain

Since it is a boxing rule, it is expected that the match will be overwhelmingly advantageous to Mayweather.

Mayweather will focus on outboxing, which is his strong point, from the 1st round, so Asakura will have no choice but to close the gap and challenge infight.

Mayweather may be weakening due to age, but it seems that he maintains the steps and hits he showed in the Tenshin match, so Asakura neglects defense even in that. I would like to avoid

Asakura has a clear advantage in terms of fitness.

There is also the idea of one shot, but it is a boxing rule, so I would like you to draw a development that will sharpen you mentally and physically by repeating this repetition. If he wins the 3rd round, I expect Mayweather to win or draw.

Whether Mayweather pulls into his usual outbox, or Asakura calmly and boldly attacks with infighting, I hope that either way, it will be a story with impact rather than a spectacle.

Mayweather victory

It's a straight Mayweather. Unfortunately, it is not a place for general kicks.

If it is a ground technique, you can win with indirect tightening. However, with boxing rules, the difference is clear. This is Tenshin's second dance.

I don't think I can handle the weight of Mayweather's serious punching power. Let's not forget that Mayweather also has speed.

The naive idea that speed might be better doesn't work. Underestimating a hard-hitting class-dominant champion is bound to hurt.

Mayweather 1R TKO win

From Round 1, Mayweather's left jab to right straight speed stands out against Mikuru Asakura who is waiting to see what happens.

Mayweather's one-two speed is as fast as Manny Pacquiao's punching back.

Mikuru Asakura keeps her distance and dodges the one-two. She uses her reach to land low kicks to Mayweather's feet relentlessly.

When Mayweather reluctantly fell down, Mayweather's right straight hit Asakura's left jaw.

The match ended with a TKO.

○floyd mayweather Jr
✕Mikuru Asakura

1R 2:30 TKO

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