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What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is a company that presides over gambling.

The betting side predicts the outcome of the sport based on the odds (multiplication rate) presented in advance, votes, and receives a dividend based on the result.

Legal gambling with a long history

It may seem surprising to many, but bookmakers have a long history, starting with gambling in British horse racing in the 1790s and now playing a variety of sports such as soccer, golf, baseball and sumo. And even everyday events are subject to gambling.

For example, the outcome of soccer and boxing, the result of the next presidential election, and so on.

Sports betting is the most popular

What is bet on the bookmaker, such as "whether it snows on Christmas day", "what dress to wear at the Hollywood Star Academy Awards", and so on? !! There are also things that I think.

The most popular of these is sports betting, which is called sports betting.

Sports betting that can be done with a bookmaker

As mentioned above, the bookmaker started from horse racing in England, but now it supports various sports events all over the world, and most competitions can be bet.

For example, the Wimbledon finals, the National Hockey League, the Super Bowl, and The International (Dota 2) are countless.

You can also do sports betting in the Olympic Games

Even if we live in Japan, we can participate in sports betting in the Olympic Games without any problems by using an overseas bookmaker.

The Tokyo Olympics will also be held in 2021, so if you are registered with the bookmaker, you will be able to bet on the outcome prediction of the competition being held.

Bookmakers are also an investment

Bookmakers are gambling and gambling in the first place, but they also have an investment side.

Certainly, the act of "betting in anticipation of the outcome of a sports match, if the prediction is correct, the amount according to the odds will be refunded, and if it is not, the stake will be lost" itself is gambling.

But depending on how you do it, you can work in the same way as investing in stocks.

⑴ Scrutinize match data to increase winning percentage
⑵ Get out of bets and reduce losses when expectations are likely to be wrong

From this point of view, it can be said that investment and doing are almost the same.

For example, even in the case of stock investment, we will carefully examine the performance of companies and select stocks that are likely to increase in price. Bookmakers will also carefully examine the data to select games that are likely to have a high winning percentage.

In stock investment, we sell at a certain point to avoid a loss above a certain level, such as when the price of the invested stock drops unexpectedly, and control the risk (stop loss). Similarly, bookmakers can take control of their risk by dropping their bets at that point if they unexpectedly lose their bets.

Thinking this way, you'll notice that there's no big difference other than whether you're investing in stocks or sports matches.

How to get started with a bookmaker

To start Sports Betting with a bookmaker, you first need to get an account for a site service that handles overseas bookmakers.

You can participate not only from your computer but also from your smartphone.

Due to legal issues, there is no bookmaker operating in Japan (be careful, if any), and it is 100% operated by an overseas company. Therefore, when we Japanese people start a bookmaker, we need to do it on a site operated by an overseas company.

But don't worry. Recently, a site page localized in Japanese has been prepared so that you can easily participate even if you can not read English.

On this site, information on only operating companies that have obtained business licenses issued by overseas governments and gambling committees is indicated by the operating company and the country of approval, so you can rest assured that there is no illegal information. Please take advantage of it.

best Bookmaker sites

Bookmakers You're wondering which bookmaker to choose when you start investing.

There are many bookmakers around the world, but the most famous are bet365, William Hill, and pinnacle, which are called the three major bookmakers. Each has different characteristics, so I will explain them.


Bet365 has a wide variety of betting methods that are easy to win, such as life betting and cash out.

A world-renowned bookmaker sponsored by Stoke City FC in the Premier League, based in Stoke, England.

Unfortunately, it does not support Japanese, but the UI (interface) of the screen is very good and easy to see, so you will not get lost in the operation.

If you register for bet365 and make a deposit, you can watch overseas soccer games such as LaLiga, Espanola, Bundesliga, Copa, and the United States, and tennis games such as the US Open and the Australian Open for free.

William Hill

William Hill is a long-established company listed on London Securities. A bookmaker that can be recommended if you are not good at English because it supports Japanese. Cash out support for some bets.

There is also a live casino where you can interact directly with live dealers.

After your first deposit, you will receive 100% free bets in four installments for $ 20 to $ 100 bets.


You cannot cash out, but the bookmaker with the highest odds (multiplication rate) among the three major bookmakers. Japanese is supported.

In the case of other companies, if you win too much, you may be subject to an upper limit on your bets, but Pinnacle Sports does not limit you no matter how much you win, so it is a recommended bookmaker for those who are particular about winning.

bookmaker list

There are many bookmakers other than the three major bookmakers.

Among them, the excellent bookmakers that are reliable and used by many Japanese are introduced below. is a Bitcoin-compatible bookmaker that has been licensed to operate on Curacao, the Netherlands. Japanese support.

Opened in 2016, it became very popular at the height of the cryptocurrency boom.

Initially it was only compatible with Bitcoin, but now it is also compatible with Ethereum Litecoin.

You can bet in virtual currency without cashing.

In addition to virtual currencies, you can bet on Japanese yen, US dollars, and euros, and you can deposit and withdraw with electronic money such as Ecopaise and iWallet.


1XBET is a bookmaker established in 2007 that has been licensed to operate on Curacao, the Netherlands. Japanese support.

Since the minimum deposit limit is less than $ 3, you can bet from low conditions, and you can watch live broadcasts of the sporting events you are dealing with by depositing for free.

You can deposit not only with credit cards and electronic money but also with virtual currencies.

If you want to cancel your bet, you can cancel it by paying a fee.


A comprehensive site where you can enjoy both online casinos and bookmakers operated by Cube Co., Ltd., which is officially licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Audit Committee.

Commission payments offer odds that are up to 20% higher than the odds offered on the gambling market.

Bookmakers can play and watch live on average 10,000 games each month. Soccer is especially popular, and there are as many as 400 leagues.

Cherry Casino

Cherry Casino, which is also famous as a long-established casino, is called "Cherry Sports" and allows you to bet on more than 20 sports such as soccer, golf, basketball and tennis.

It also supports live betting and cash out, and high odds can be set.

Bookmaker deposit

Invest and bet on bookmakers using the deposit method supported by the bookmaker site you use.

There are four types of deposits to the bookmaker site: "bank deposit", "electronic money", "credit card / debit card", and "virtual currency".

The number and brand of deposits supported by each bookmaker site are different.

Ecopaise is recommended for depositing! Withdrawals are also supported and fees are low

"Bank deposit" seems to be the quickest, but like deposit with "virtual currency", the sites that support it are limited. In addition, "credit card / debit card" has high fees and does not support withdrawal of winnings.

For this reason, we recommend using "electronic money," which is compatible with all bookmaker sites, as the payment method.

Even though it is called electronic money, since the bookmaker site is operated overseas, the corresponding electronic money is not PayPay or Rakuten Pay used in Japan, but things used overseas. ..

The most used of these is Ecopaise. It also supports withdrawals and can be used on any bookmaker site.

If you want to start investing in a bookmaker from now on, it is a good idea to first open an Ecopaise account and increase your balance.

Bookmaker withdrawal

There are "electronic money" and "virtual currency" as a method of withdrawing the profits earned from the bookmaker from the bookmaker site.

Depending on the amount of money, you may need to submit identification documents for withdrawal. In addition, the amount that can be withdrawn at one time, the amount that can be withdrawn in a month, etc. may be set by the bookmaker site, so it is good to check before using.

Bookmaker tax

Lottery tickets and TOTO are exempt from taxation as a special case, but what about the tax on profits earned from bookmaker investment? Many people will be interested.

The bottom line is that the profits you make from a bookmaker are taxed. According to the Income Tax Act of Japan, income earned from gambling is regarded as temporary income and tax is levied. Therefore, bookmakers are treated like horse races, bicycle races, boat races, and so on.

If you are a permanent resident of Japan, the bookmaker will be taxed on all income earned at home and abroad, which is the worldwide income tax, so not only the bookmaker but also the profits earned at online casinos and overseas casinos will be taxed as temporary income. It becomes a target.

Remember to file your tax returns for the year from January 1st to December 31st of the year from February 16th to March 15th of the following year. Please be aware that if you fail to file a tax return, you may be subject to late tax and undeclared additional tax.

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